Meet Our Team

Elizabeth Jackson

Elizabeth Jackson

Community Organizer

If you were to ask me about who I am, I could list a variety of statistics… my age, my gender, where I grew up, my ethnic background, my education, my religious beliefs, my sexual orientation, and more. Those tend to be the facts that trip people up. But, you’re a woman. But, you’re young. But, you’re a minister.

These statistics have influenced my journey and my story, but my story is so much more than a list of traits. I have experienced the thrill of stepping off a platform with only a bungee cord attached to me. I have intentionally set out without a map or GPS but a full gas tank turning only when the passenger said “left” or “right.” I have been fired from jobs, and I have been promoted; when I least expected it. I have made choices that have changed my whole world. I choose to move across the country to go to a progressive school of theology instead of the conservative seminary even though I self-described my theology as moderate. I’ve chosen to offer myself as an officiant for same gender couples seeking to be married even though it’s technically against the rules of the same religious institution I am seeking ordination within. I have resigned jobs that challenged my integrity or asked me to submit to abuses of power. And, I have repeatedly chosen to have an adult beverage or two before dancing in public.

These choices and my journey have led me to now and an idea for a community. I have this vision of creating a space for people where we can meet each other no matter where we are coming from, where we can be authentic to who we are and the choices we’ve made, where we can practice integrity and truth, and we can be in relationships with each other and our greater community. I believe we are all seeking to be with people beyond our work and home; I think we are all seeking to leave our fingerprints on the world around us and leave it better than we found it; I think we desperately need a community we can gather with to be change agents or to talk with when things are just going to hell around us. In the World is the product of this vision, offering a place to act now, to be together in the complexities of life and our world, and to possibly even grow.